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Game concept of Warlords 1

Warlords is a fantasy strategy game. The main goal of the game is to conguer all castles in the world. After conquering more than half of the castles, the game offers peace, what means that you can retire as the winner. In case you refuse, all other players declare war on you and you would have to eliminate all of them.

In this game, you build armies, stack them into up to eight units and send conquering. Each army has a set number of movement, takes a certain number of turns to build, cocts you building and upkeep fees and has a certain strength. In addition, you will be able to hire heroes, which may explore the land, enlist special creatures as your allies and give bonuses to any army they are leading.

Each castle has a certain defense value and produces certain income. In addition, each castle has up to four units it can produce. Except the players' capitals, all castles start as neutral and it is up to you to conquer them.

When conquering a castle, you engage into a battle. The outcome of a battle is calculated using the following principle:

Only the first unit of each stack fights. Each unit throws gets assigned a random number from 1-12. This value is added to the strength of the unit. If a unit is defending a castle, the defense value is added as well. Whichever unit has the higher number, prevails.

The castle defense value decreases by one every time the castle is conquered (except for the first time, when it loses its neutral status). A player can upgrade the defense value for the following sums:

Current level New level Price
0 1 50gp
1 2 50gp
2 3 50gp
3 4 75gp
4 5 100gp
5 6 150gp
6 7 175gp
7 8 350gp
8 9 500gp
9 10 800gp

There is no higher defensive value than 10.

The hero is not only the leader of troops, but also an explorer. He or she can explore ruins that are plentiful in the game. In the ruins, the hero either hires allies or fightst certain creatures. When the hero wins, he or she is awarded either by gold or an item. Wearing the item, the hero either gains additional strength or gains more command points. Command points are added to the strength of every creature under the hero's leadership.

The map consists of various types of terrain that require certain movement points. Roads always require only one movement point, plains two, forest and swamp three and hills five. Units cannot reach the sea unless navies are built. Flying units move for two points everywhere except of roads. In addition, units move better in their natural environment. That way, the Giants are good at moving in hills, while suffer movement penalties when moving in forest.

Please check the "How to" section to find out how to apply different concepts of the game.

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