Darklord's lair

Useful programs for Warlords 1


Warlords Editor (wled)

Author: Andrei Volkov

Very good editor made by Andrei Volkov. It supports versions 2.10 and 1.0. Almost all scenarios are made with this editor.

Download WLED 2.10
Download WLED 1.0beta (old version)


Warlords Terrain Editor (wledit)

Author: William Winton

Scenario editor for Warlords 2.10+. Very powerful editor but not so easy as Volkov's editor. It has its own launcher for custom maps.


Save Game Viewer

Author: Andrei Volkov

Shows information on locations in saved games.



Author: Andrei Volkov

Rebuids razed cities in saved games.






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