Darklord's lair

WarMod for Warlords v 2.10

In Russia there is active Warlords 1 community warlords1.ru (they make tournaments often).

And they created Mod (called WarMod). An attempt of rebalancing original game.
Sirians are stronger now and Lord Bane is not so slow in the beginning.

All capitals have def 7.
Sirians have def 9 in their capital.
Production in the capital of sirians is faster now but more expensive.
Production time of archers in the capital of Elvallie is two turns, but their str is 5. Strength of their pegasi is 5 now.
Strength of elven archers in Gildenhome city is 5 too.
Speed of all light infantry from Ungor, Gorag, Bane's Citadel, Argrond and Malikor - 12.
In the Ak-Farzon there are archers with production time 2 and strenght 5.


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